RumiNation | S05 : E09

Let’s Talk About Meat!

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Let’s Talk About Meat!

with Jess Pryles

Rumination 5.09

10.24 min

An episode for meat lovers with barbecue expert Jess Pryles.

Our guest - Jess Pryles

Jess Pryles is a meat specialist, live fire cook, author, and founder of Hardcore Carnivore. She is an expert source of meat information and is dedicated to helping people gain confidence in selecting and cooking meat. 

With a particular passion for beef, Pryles is also a respected authority on Texas-style barbecue. Currently, she is completing a graduate program in Meat Science at Iowa State University.

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Timestamps & Summary


How do you feel about Meatless Monday?


Jess Pryles

I don’t feel much about Meatless Monday. It’s more of a fad […]



What can we be doing as an industry and as individuals, family-owned operations to impact our consumer demand more positively?


Jess Pryles

I think just telling the story, there are a lot of great social media platforms at the moment: Instagram, obviously big but particularly for AG, Tiktok has been extremely successful. There were a lot of big agriculture producers, […] I mean, big accounts on Tiktok, but small, independent ranchers, both on the dairy and the cattle, beef production side, who have hundreds of thousands of followers. […]



What’s one thing about Australia that you miss, and would love to bring back or have here in the States more often?


Jess Pryles

You know, I would bring back meat pies. That’s a very classic Australian thing, and the first thing that I did when I landed and got off the plane, I drove to this little pie shop that’s very famous. […]



What’s your all-time favorite beef cut?


Jess Pryles

I think the point is, we do say for certain cuts to just buy the best you can afford. […]

There are other times when you can really afford to get a bit more creative. You know, in Texas tacos, […] I frequently buy select skirt steaks. […]

I think if I had to choose my favorite cut, this is very controversial in beef worlds because obviously, I feel like my death row meal would be a ribeye but one of my very favorite steaks, the one I just keep coming back to is top sirloin and top sirloin cap.

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