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Youth in Agriculture: The Future of Food

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Youth in Agriculture: The Future of Food

with Vicki Brisson

Rumination 4.08

14.17 min

Vicki Brisson is back with Chris in this episode to share her take on the future of agriculture and how the younger generation is tackling the task.

Our guest - Vicki Brisson

Growing up on a dairy farm, she has come to understand and experience first-hand the crucial impact nutrition can have on a herd. Therefore, she aims to return to the industry after the completion of her thesis. She believes that her research on B vitamins can be valuable to ensure the sustainability of the dairy industry.


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As a young person growing up in dairy operations, tell me about the obstacles that you had to overcome in order to pursue a career in agriculture.


Vicki Brisson

I was really lucky growing up on my family’s dairy farm, because I grew up with plenty of excellent role models, whether that be my parents being involved in the community, strong women when I was involved in forage as well. But I’d say also growing up in the Francophone community in Eastern Ontario, it was that language barrier. But beyond that language barrier, I’d say it’s also a language barrier, that disconnect, between what we do in agriculture, and what the people who consume the food perceive agriculture as being.

So, I’d say it’s really about bridging that gap. We’re translating that content, whether it be from English to French or French to English, or whether it be from someone who works and lives agriculture, to someone who consumes agriculture on a daily basis. […]



Talk to me about your thoughts on the importance of youth in agriculture.


Vicki Brisson

I’d say first and foremost, youth is the future, right? So, I think it’s important to have everyone who’s invested in the future of agriculture at the table. And what youth brings to that table is really our passion. We bring a different perspective as well. We’re, perhaps some might call us naive, but I’d say we’re starting from a blank page. And that allows us to bring new ideas, new perspectives to challenges that have been existing for decades for generations. And youth in agriculture also brings another level of connection of collaboration. […]



What recommendations would you give to the youth today in pursuing their dreams in agriculture?


Vicki Brisson

Perhaps my advice a year from now will change. But for now, I’d say that one I’m most certain will not change is: don’t be afraid to ask for help. I think of you, Chris. I think of all my colleagues at Jefo. These are the people that have made it possible for me to step into the different growing opportunities that I’ve had throughout the last few years. That comes from asking for help. We’re not alone. If you don’t have the answer, other people will have it. […]


You need to surround yourself with the right people, people who, again, you’ll be able to go ask for help. But those people should also include a cheerleader and a hard truth-teller. Because sometimes you need that wake-up call, you need to be told the hard things. And then ultimately, in order to take action, sometimes it’s easier when you’re doing it with a peer, someone who will help you stretch to do those hard things to grow outside of your comfort zone. […]



What are the take-home messages you’d like to leave the audience listening today regarding youth and their journey in agriculture?


Vicki Brisson

I think between everyone there needs to be collaboration, there needs to be an exchange of experiences of perspectives. And that also comes through mentorship and learning by doing, not being afraid to take action. So really three simple takeaways, but that would be it for me today.

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